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About JEM Remodel & Construction Inc


JEM Remodel & Construction is the new face of what used to be Alpha Remodel & Construction. After gaining vast experience for more than 10 years as a private building & remodel contractor, Founder  &  CEO Jeanine El Melki, has gained a new found independence by taking the company under her own license and certifications.  


No longer bound by shared ownership and vision of the company, JEM Remodel & Construction is now able to operate with autonomy by adaption a global philosophy that no “Job” is too big, small, impossible or ordinary. With a collective gained experience of over a hundred successfully completed projects ranging from remodels to full extensions and constructions from the ground up, JEM Remodel & Construction’s values above all its customers visions and plans for their project. By doing so we ensure that before any plans are drawn up a comprehensive conversation and clear vision with every possible option is presented to our faithful clients, ensuring a proud track record of the highest customer satisfaction rating every time.


Jem Remodel & Construction Inc, Located in Orange County, our showroom is a place where ideas are born by showcasing a wide range of product lines and materials of the highest quality of remodeling services. This level of personal attention will be carried out throughout each step from creating the perfect vision to the realization of a dreamed outcome.." 







                                                                                                                       -  JEM Remodel & Construction

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