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New Construction


JEM Remodel & Construction Inc offers more than just your average remodel, they specialize in new construction as well. Building a new home can be exciting, but can come with a great deal of stress too. You can alleviate a lot of that stress by hiring a general contractor to supervise your new construction project. Call the new construction experts at JEM Remodel & Construction Inc to help manage and assist you in building the home of your dreams.


JEM Remodel & Construction Inc is Fully Equipped to Handle Any New Construction Project

New construction involves a variety of specialized contractors, from plumbers and electricians to framers, roofers and finished carpenters. JEM Remodel & Construction Inc has an experienced staff of experts ready to tackle every stage of your new construction project. Beginning in the design stage and following through to the last drop of paint, JEM Remodel & Construction Inc has the staff of experts to handle any residential project, including:

  • New Homes

  • Home Additions

  • Garages

  • Cottages and Cabins

  • Barns and Storage Sheds

  • Cabanas and Pool Houses


JEM Remodel & Construction Inc Offers Affordable New Construction Rates

Your new construction project demands top quality materials and skilled installers. And JEM Remodel & Construction Inc answers with premium service, quality building materials and trained contractors, all at affordable rates that help to make your dream project a reality. Stay within budget and add value to your property with the skills and expertise of JEM Remodel & Construction Inc.

JEM Remodel & Construction Inc takes on new construction projects of any size, from small garage additions to brand new executive homes. They offer top-notch customer service, affordable rates and a team of skilled craftsmen and contractors.

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